What’s On Your Agenda?

A recent leadership blog posting by Sanborn and Associates, “Five Questions for Your Agenda“, I started thinking about what gets put on our daily to-do list.

“Meetings have agendas. Leaders of companies and the country has agendas. So, what should be on our to-do list? What is it you want to achieve — not just what you want to get done.”

Some of the things that the blog post mentioned was:

  • What one relationship do you most need to establish or improve?
  • What one thing do you most need to learn?
  • What one habit do you most need to break?

The idea is that by having an agenda for the day, for life, you don’t drift from project to project, relationship to relationship and through life on autopilot. You don’t get sucked into the daily distractions of gossiping at the watercooler or jumping for your phone each time it notifies you of an incoming email or tweet.  Having an agenda gives you a focus and where your attention is directed, there you will end up.

Success can be a journey that allows you to grow toward your potential. It takes self-reflection, implementing growth opportunities into your day and expanding your definition of yourself.

Look at your agenda. What is on tap for you? Where are you headed? How can you get there? The power is within you.





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